Posted on Dec 26, 2020

Yard Works Lawn Care

🌱 Florida Winter Lawn Care 🌱

🌱 You shouldn't fertilize your lawn during the winter; wait until the spring. It is wise to allow Florida lawns to go dormant from November through February.

Mowing requirements may be reduced significantly because of slow turf grass growth, but the mowing height should remain the same as during the growing season. By maintaining proper cutting heights, the grass will be less stressed when colder temperatures are encountered.

During the growing season, mower blades should be sharpened on a regular basis. Bagging grass clippings is unnecessary unless the grass has a disease.

We recommend you irrigate a half-inch per zone during any season. The idea is to train the roots to follow the water down through the soil.

By cutting the grass at recommended heights, the majority of the water is still available to the grass. Remember, during cooler periods less evaporation of water through the grass blades occurs. 🌱
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