Posted on Dec 4, 2019

Yard Works Lawn Care

How to Take Care of Your Grass?

Setting up
Grass can be done in two different ways, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
It's important to note that a lawn can be laid all year round, unlike sod.

Five factors contribute to grass growth:
 Temperature
 Light
Location in the sun rather than in the shade.
 Humidity
Rainfall and watering.
 Aeration
Aeration of the soil for good root growth.
 Fertilization

Good manure and fertilization to enhance growth. Since temperature and light factors are difficult to control, it is important promote the other three factors through regular and efficient lawn care.

Weed and moss control
Weeds and mosses must be removed or they may quickly invade the whole grass in your lawn.

But the real question is how to fight weeds? You can remove them by hand. Weeds must be removed entirely including the roots, otherwise they multiply.

So, are moss harmful to your grass? Yes, they have a choking effect that causes brown spots. The appearance of the moss in the grass is due to:
 Mowing too short.
 Poor soil or poor nutritional balance.
 Shade or lack of direct sunlight choose an appropriate mix.
 Bad aeration of the soil.
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